Other Learning Groups

There are other types of homeschool learning groups you could start.   Here are a couple I know of personally.   I will share with you what they are and links to help you get started.

Earn Income While You Do What You Love

These other options are very well designed.  They help you to earn a bit of income while you do what you love doing: socializing, creating a new resource for your homeschool community, reaching, and teaching.


Classical Conversations

This is a "community" that offers classical education and follows a particular model with cycles that repeat every three years.   Very well done and easy to follow program for anyone to start.


This is a learning group for all grades that actually was founded by Jill Dixon.  Jill is no rocket scientist but she does have a background of 20 years in Special Education.  Her academy emphasizes the combining of all learning styles into her curriculum for gifted and special needs students.  Her copyrighted curriculum has four cycles.